Wow! We did it! We did it! You missed it! The Grandmont Community Association Youth Expo was an overwhelming success! This free, fun-filled, exciting event was held on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Christ the King Church. We, the youth expo committee, demonstrated an ability to transfer our mission into reality by presenting community based programs, local organizations, and businesses that provide resources for family growth and development. In attendance, was a host of vendors, families, and friends. Thirty-five vendors offered quality helpful information such as ...

Detroit Health Immunization, Parenting, Maternal Infant Health for Mother, United Cerebral Palsy Resources, Crime Victim Services, Girls Mentoring and more. The donations aided in the success of the event such as money, gift cards, food, games, supplies, skating admissions tickets, stuffed animals, and prizes. The Chaney Library Reading Room attracted youth of all ages. There was much excitement during the adult and youth drawings for special prizes. We appreciate all support and unwavering contributions.

Carla White-Smith, the GCA Youth Expo Chair, did an exceptional job organizing this event. Mrs. White-Smith displayed intense involvement, is committed to excellence, and completed this most complex project with impressive results. Thank you, Carla!

We couldn’t be successful without our volunteers. The volunteers were: Carla White-Smith, Cora A. Duncan-Foster, Edward Smith, Ethel Smith Candice Fortman, Sonja Johnson, Kathy Morgan, Josh Engle, Robert Patterson, James Liddell, Jade Liddell, Jomo King, Isis King, Emily Hall, Chakayla White, Asia Pitts, and Shawna Calvert. Our volunteers placed a high priority on loyalty and dedication to the Grandmont Community Association. You are greatly appreciated!

Also, we were joined by the Detroit’s Finest, our 8th Precinct Police Officers. The officers in attendance were: Sgt. Tyrine Wheatley, NPO Baron Coleman, NPO Precious Reed, NPO Shawn Childrey, and NPO Jeffery Williams. Their commitment to the Grandmont Community is commendable. We appreciate your continual support.