The Youth & Education Committee serves to promote dialogue and positive reinforcement within our local schools, particularly Edison Elementary School. This liaison fosters a positive link between school and community, They also plan activities for youth in the community and promote social responsibility.

Contact Us: Carla White-Smith, (313) 220-8530

Wow! We did it! We did it! You missed it! The Grandmont Community Association Youth Expo was an overwhelming success! This free, fun-filled, exciting event was held on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Christ the King Church. We, the youth expo committee, demonstrated an ability to transfer our mission into reality by presenting community based programs, local organizations, and businesses that provide resources for family growth and development. In attendance, was a host of vendors, families, and friends. Thirty-five vendors offered quality helpful information such as ...

  • Edison Coat Drive 2018

    Ms Sims and Detroit Edison student

  • Kimberly Byers and Carla White-Smith

    Kimberly Byers and Carla White-Smith

  • Detroit Edison student

    Detroit Edison student

  • donated clothing

    donated clothing

The Edison Coat Drive was a success! Grandmont Community Youth and Education Chairperson Carla White-Smith partnered with Detroit Edison School, Ms. Sims and Kimberly Byers from Wayne County Department of Health and Human Services to purchase coats, uniform pants, gloves, and hats. The faculty, staff, and students were very grateful for the donations. Grandmont Youth and Education is looking forward to continued partnership with Detroit Edison School for other community projects. "Happiness...consists in giving, and in serving others" Henry Drummond