For the fourth year in a row the Grandmont Community Association has sponsored a community Halloween and Harvest Party. As Detroit's Home of Good Neighbors, it's important to have events that bring the community together to fellowship. Since the beginning the event has been held at Bushnell Congregational Church. In the last two years GCA and Bushnell Church have co-sponsored the event, working together to provide food, fun and games for all ages.

If you have not participated in the event you have missed out on delicious home-made pizza, candy apples, face painting, arts and crafts, a trick or treat hallway and more! The event would not be possible without the generous donation of time, money, gifts and treats from our community members. Thank you to everyone who worked together to make this event happen. It is because of neighbors like you that this community continues to thrive!

A special thank you to the participants: Barbara Davis & Mr. Davis (husband), Keara Stewart and family, LaToya Parker and family, Cora Duncan-Foster, Ethel Smith, Jomo King, Ed and Carla Smith, Kevin Johnson, Julie Janusch, Krystal Thurmond, Robert and Diane Patterson, Janice Collins and Husband, Candice Fortman and Aunt, Erik and Charity Dean, Denise Hicks, Lasondra Nelson, Linda Pride, and Bernard Morgan.

If any names were omitted or spelled incorrectly, I sincerely apologize! Blame it on my mind and not my heart. Finally, a special thank you to Ron Isaac, the incredibly dedicated, thoughtful and selfless young man from Bushnell Church I ’ ve had the pleasure of working with over the past several years in coordinating this event.

Sincerely, Kathy Morgan