Did you know that Grandmont Community Association (GCA) has been awarding scholarships to our high school graduates since 1997? Powerhouse Grandmont Community has given 41 graduates a scholarship. The scholarship started with the proceeds from the Grandmont Community Association Art and Crafts Fair. Part of our vision is the enhancement of the life of our community. So, the best way to start is to enhance the education of our youth by awarding scholarships. The GCA Scholarship encourages education and higher learning. We need this scholarship in order to ensure that the brightest minds get the most education they can regardless of their circumstances. This scholarship has helped level the playing field of education and made our honoree’s dream a possibility.

Our 41 scholarship winners are listed below:

*Annie Janusch, *Talia Tyree, *Mary Neal, *Constance Smith, *ZaQorae Brown-Hopkins, *Marcella Cherese Harris, *Thomas Woodhouse, *Annice Bosley, *Steven Tucker, *Mike Morris, *Danielle Jackson, *Sahniqua Rowan, *Annette Burks, *De’Angela Cooper, *Aesha Rashid, *Kenata O. Martins, *Tasha Patts , *Zarinah Rashid, *Latoia Marzette, *Noelle Williams, *Tifini Batts, *Lorie Wilson, *Jode Williams, *Ty Bowie, *Robert H.C. Gilmore, *Jessica Hinton, *Kayla Shelton, *Lace Jones, *Blake Bufford, *Jonathan Taylor, *Erika Turner, *Joshua Taylor, *Owen Kirkland Pierce, *Lula Evette Taylor, *Dominque Taylor,*Taylor Childs, *Jessica Cox, *Stephani Hicks, * Daniel Kirton, * Rebekah Long, and *Ria Reno.

At this time, we would like to continue in this effort but however the scholarship will be strictly from private donations, residents and friends. Donations are always accepted. Please mail to Grandmont Community Association Attention: Scholarship, P.O. Box 27790, Detroit, MI 48227

Thank you Grandmont Family for your donations!

Cora A. Duncan-Foster, GCA Scholarship Chair