All of us, as well as the general public, greatly admire the accomplishments of our 2018 Honorees, Rebekah Long and Ria Reno. On Saturday, December 29, 2018 at the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation, 19800 Grand River Avenue, a reception was celebrated in their honor with family, friends, and community members.

In attendance were: Ria Reno, Jasmine Reno (parent), Kathleen Daniels (grandparent), Rayana Reno, Rebekah Long, Tammi Long (parent), Alexander Long, Nolan Kimmy, Charlotte Wright, Ethel Smith, Kathy Morgan, Kathy Garrett, Yvonne Sanders, Chauncey Sanders, Julie Janusch, Mark Janusch, Harrison R. Duke, Carla Smith, Edward Smith, Aaron Hall, Diane Patterson, Robert Patterson and I, Cora A. Duncan-Foster. Furthermore, the honorees were interviewed by a panel which included: City officials, GCA Board of Directors, GCA Scholarship Committee, and GCA Committee Chairs. The honorees demonstrate outstanding oral presentation skills; possess strong ability to remember and recall; and display professional excellence. Their every word assured us that we made the right selection and that the Grandmont Scholarship is a resource that lends to the future leaders of our community, City and State. Ms Long and Ms Reno received the Grandmont Community Association Excellence Certificate, and the Detroit City Council Award provided by Councilmember James Tate. The $1,000 scholarship will be placed in their university student account. The GCA Scholarship was made possible by generous donation from the GCA Art Fair, Director Jomo King. Additional donations were provided by Grandmont family & friends. The Grandmont Scholarship Committee appreciates all donations that made this scholarship possible. To the honorees, please accept our heartfelt congratulations for your success!

( Scholarship Committee: Cora A. Duncan-Foster, Harrison Duke, Julie Janusch, Mark Janusch, Jomo King, Kathy Morgan, Ethel Smith)