graduation cap and dollar billsDid you know that Grandmont Community Association (GCA) has been awarding scholarships to our high school graduates since 1997?

This scholarship provides an opportunity for Grandmont’s Graduating Seniors to earn a college education. Today, the cost of a college education is skyrocketing. Even the textbooks can cost as much as $300 each. Without scholarship assistance, the GCA Senior may have trouble paying for the degree they need to enter the workforce and become a productive contributing member of the Detroit Community. This scholarship encourages education, academic achievement, higher learning, inspires visions of future successes for your child, and most importantly, lets your child know that he or she has the entire GCA community applauding their achievements. This scholarship has been made possible by the generous donations from the art fair, garden club, residents and friends. The Grandmont Community Association has awarded an academic scholarship to forty-two deserving graduates.

Our 42 scholarship winners are listed below:

*Annie Janusch, *Talia Tyree, *Mary Neal, *Constance Smith, *ZaQorae Brown-Hopkins, *Marcella Cherese Harris, *Thomas Woodhouse, *Annice Bosley, *Steven Tucker, *Mike Morris, *Danielle Jackson, *Sahniqua Rowan, *Annette Burks, *De’Angela Cooper, *Aesha Rashid, *Kenata O. Martins, *Tasha Patts , *Zarinah Rashid, *Latoia Marzette, *Noelle Williams, *Tifini Batts, *Lorie Wilson, *Jode Williams, *Ty Bowie, *Robert H.C. Gilmore, *Jessica Hinton, *Kayla Shelton, *Lace Jones, *Blake Bufford, *Jonathan Taylor, *Erika Turner, *Joshua Taylor, *Owen Kirkland Pierce, *Lula Evette Taylor, *Dominque Taylor, *Taylor Childs, *Jessica Cox, *Stephani Hicks, *Daniel Kirton, *Rebekah Long, *Ria Reno, and *Isis King.