Dear Grandmont Residents,

We know that dealing with a pandemic (2020-2023) was tough for our community and our families. Through this unprecedented time, we managed to continue to show up for each other and help our community when needed. Grandmont Community Association and our amazing core of community volunteers continued its mission to be “The Home of Good Neighbors”. During that challenging time, we came together to celebrate Neighborhoods Day through a community Walk, Bike and Stroll which reminded us of the importance of community. We continued to select young Grandmont residents to be the beneficiary of our scholarship award from the community to help with college expenses. We worked to keep our community beautiful through new floral installations in our street planters and alongside some of our community streets and so much more.

Even in the midst of a pandemic and now an endemic, our community continues to show up for each other. We are grateful to all of those who have committed and donated their time to helping our community thrive, but there is still much more to do! Our community needs your help to preserve this work. Grandmont’s membership dues help to provide critical services for our community and neighbors every year. Membership dues help provide snow removal services, safety, beautification, and other services for our community. Every contribution counts and matters! Membership dues for residents are $30 for the entire year and $15 for residents who live on the Southfield Service Drive or live in the Longacre Apartments. Please consider becoming a Grandmont Community Association member and contributing to our community today!

You can use a credit/debit card here on the website or mail a check/money order to Grandmont Community Association or “GCA” to P.O. Box 27790 Detroit, MI 48227.

Again, thank you for being a part of our community and being "The Home of Good Neighbors".