The Membership Committee assists the GCA Treasurer and Block and Street Captains in planning for dues collections, organizing one or two "Membership Blitzes" each year, and providing up-to-date membership rosters for each block.

Membership Renewal

By mail

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please use this form.


Renew your membership or pay for past memberships, now, through PayPal. The shopping cart will open in a separate window. **Please note there is a $2.00 convenience fee to pay online.

If you wish to pay for multiple years, please:

  1. Select the year,
  2. Click Add to Cart,
  3. If you need to add additional information regarding this order, please type it in the text box, e.g.:  someone else is paying for your membership with their PayPal account or credit card. The person paying will need to enter your name and your address in the Details line.
  4. When you have finished adding the years, click View Cart to go to the PayPal site to check out.
Dues Year