The Environmental Committee seeks to protect and ensure the investment and resale value of residents' property by encouraging homeowners to maintain, upgrade and beautify their property. The committee informs residents of zoning ordinances and city code regulations and also monitors the ownership and status of vacant homes and properties in Grandmont. The Committee along with the GCA Board represents residents at Board of Zoning appeals hearings, when particular zoning enforcement and variances are of an issue to Grandmont. Grandmont is zoned R1, Single Family Residential. They also act as a liaison for the community for city and public services such as lighting, tree trimming, garbage and bulk pick-up, street maintenance, and housing compliance.

Contact Us: Harrison Duke III (313) 837-4913

The City of Detroit changed ordinances covering barbecue grills in 2017, aiming to prevent accidental fires when grills tip over or flames lick too close to homes. Remember that it is now illegal to barbecue in front of your house. All grills must be set up either on the side or rear of your house. Also, it is illegal to grill under a roof or covered area, and grills must be set up at least 10 feet from a property line. Violations can lead to warnings or fines. If you or a neighbor suffer fire damage as a result of a code violation, your insurance policy may not cover your loss.

The past year March 2018 - March 2019 our community was involved in a variety of issues and concerns that were addressed by the Environmental Committee.

    • There was an increase in residents parking vehicles on the backyard lawn or grassy areas of the home. Code Violations were issued to these residents. The majority amended the violation for a short time, eventually returning to the unsanctioned practice.
    • A number of complaints were brought to our attention regarding abandoned, and broken vehicles parked on the street. All of these concerned were resolved either by the owner of the auto or towed away by the police.
    • Residents are not reading the Grandmenitor monthly newspaper, which clearly provides the monthly calendar dates for: bulk pickup, trash, recycling, yard waste and tree limbs. Too often these items remain on the curb for a week or two, waiting to be picked up.

wreathHappy Holidays from your friends and neighbors in the Grandmont Community. Best Wishes for a safe and Happy New Year.

One of the benefits of living in Grandmont is our Street Snow Service. Plus, many family-friendly activities are provided from our dues collection. As a recent example, if you and your children didn’t participate in the GCA-Bushnell Harvest Fest - Halloween Party at Bushnell Church in October you missed a wonderful event. So please pay your GCA dues of only $25.00 to help support activities right in your neighborhood. Donations are also gladly accepted to help defray costs and continue our community activities.

This is the time for a Friendly Reminder:
MOVE CARS, GARBAGE, AND RECYCLING CONTAINERS OFF THE STREETS! Please be a considerate neighbor. Whether or not there is snow predicted, it’s a good safety & security habit to keep your cars parked off the street.