Accomplishments from May 2018 - March 2019:

  • The Beautification Committee selected its first Chair in nearly a year (or more)
  • Held our first Beautification Committee meeting on March 28
  • Hosting our first service project with the Ramsay Park Committee.

Areas to grow into for May 2019 - March 2020:

  • Growing our committee and volunteers that can help support our service projects
  • Expanding our beautification programming and the people we serve in Grandmont, working more collectively with residents, businesses and other community stakeholders
  • The Beautification Committee looks forward to planning and implementing the following projects in 2019-2020:
    1. Motor City Makeover Clean up (May 2019)
    2. Replacement of ALL Grandmont flower pots by end of 2019 with sustainable materials (starting June 2019)
    3. Public art / mural installation by end of 2020
    4. Activation of vacant lots with Vacant Property Committee
    5. Increase neighborhood brand awareness through signage and markers
    6. Create additional fundraising projects during summer and winter

We are looking forward to collaborating with other committees and community stakeholders on upcoming service projects and we welcome new committee members and volunteers for any of the upcoming projects.