Hello Neighbors,

We are already in the second quarter of 2019. can you believe it? Times is moving quickly and so is GCA. Over the last year I've had the pleasure of serving as president of GCA and it's only made me appreciate our community that much more. There is so much love and commitment for Grandmont internally. I see this in the tireless work of our board and volunteers. From the block captains to the reinvigorated garden club, people are stepping up however they can to continue the decades long work of keeping Grandmont healthy and stable. We can only continue this work with your help. If you haven't identified a way to be active in Grandmont please talk to someone on the board. Each of our committees neods additional volunteers and many need leadership. I know many of you are committed in many other ways, but even a couple of hours a month could make a big difference in this place you call home.

Below I've detailed a few highlights;

In December of 2018 the board approved moving to a dues invoice system. Many of our neighboring organizations have been using invoices to collect dues with great success. We have seen a continuous decline in dues payments. We have seen some success with door to door knocking and allowing for dues to be paid online via PayPal, but in order to continue to offer quality programming and services increasing the number of paid houses is paramount to our growth.

Earlier this year the GCA board also approved adding a ballot question for today requesting a $5 increase in dues (making them $30 per year). Any dues received before July 1 will be at the old rate of $25 per year. This is necessary to meet additional expenses for our organization. We have been at $25 per year for over 20 years. To give some context Grandmont 1 charges $50 per year. Rosedale Park charges $45 per year and North Rosedale charges S75 with no snow plowing. This increase means our dues will still be significantly lower than our neighboring associations.

Overview of major cost for GCA:
Snow removal: $4300
Part time staff for the Grandrnonitor editor and advertising manager: $599/each
Website coordinator: $599

Total $6097
Revenues from dues: $6250
Note: Advertising in the Grandmonitor pays for the printing costs

Dues also allows us to do programming like the Harvest Fest; the Youth Expo, the Art Fair and much more. These events are helpful in giving us the opportunity to introduce Grandmont to potential neighbors while we continue to build relationships with our existing neighbors.

In 2019 and beyond we must focus on increasing membership so that we can continue with our mission of keeping Grandmont...The Home of Good Neighbors.