candice fortman mark januschIt was my great honor to be elected as president of the Grandmont Community Association. I have been a proud neighbor of Grandmont for 10 years and a member of the board for just over two years.

I currently serve as the Marketing & Engagement Manager for WDET 101.9 where I spend most of my days thinking of how we can engage in more meaningful and powerful dialogue and community building. I will bring that same instinct to my term as president.

Detroit is changing. You can decide for yourself if we are headed in the right direction, but what I do know is that this space we take up inside of Detroit, our “Home of Good Neighbors,” remains a strong and viable community and that is solely because of the people who live here. We represent diversity in every possible way, but most of us are of the same mind when it comes to keeping our neighborhood safe, clean and enjoyable for all.

The question I am left with is how do we continue the wonderful work of past boards and begin to amplify our efforts? I will work to ensure that Grandmont is represented as much as possible in conversations big and small around development in our area and that we continue our internal work to ensure our neighborhood is a place people want to live and visit. I am here to listen. Should you have any questions or comments my contact information is below.

We can all start to increase our support of Grandmont in three easy ways:

  1. Pay your dues: This small yearly membership helps us provide snow removal (which was very helpful this past winter), a beauti- ful Art Fair, other social functions and a number of other efforts that benefit all of us. Dues can be paid via mail or by Paypal. Get the details at
  2. Attend a board meeting or Grandmont event: Coming to a board meeting (held the 1st Saturday of the month at GRDC) is a great way to meet new neighbors and find out how you can get involved in Grandmont. We have a number of committees for people with all kinds of interest. We also host events. Check the back of the Grandmonitor each month for a list of upcoming events.
  3. Take care of one another: We are our neighbor’s keeper. Get to know your neighbors. Look out for them and their property and extend your kindness whenever you can.

- Candice Fortman, President Grandmont Community Association
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