gca general membership meeting

GCA's General Membership Meeting, held at Bushnell Church on September 17, 2019, was well attended. Of course, neighbors got to greet each other and meet new neighbors, but the meeting also featured guest speakers fielding questions from the floor on a variety of topics that are important to Grandmont. Hot topics included:  speed humps, the ImproveDetroit app, and Advanced Disposal.

Speakers included Aaron Hall from Councilman Tate's office, Tenisha Johnson, D1 Business Liason, Richard Burk of Advanced Disposal, Kitty Yarborough, GRDC, and Karla Williamson, our new D1 Neighborhood District Manager. GCA Board Members were available to meet neighbors and give an overview of some of our accomplishments. Thanks to efforts of Larissa Richardson and Josh Engle, many of our corners have nice shiny new planters. Please feel free to "adopt" one near you that you will water for us!


Special THANK YOU to GCA Board Member Josh Engle and Grandmont neighbor Antonio who helped set up tables and chairs, as well as Julie Janusch who helped with food prep and table arranging. Cora Duncan-Foster was a lifesaver for calling and emailing City Leaders as well as picking up the sandwiches and food for the meeting. Other neighbors also pitched in when needed. Thank you all!

Treasurer Robert Patterson gave a quick financial overview of our GCA budget with an update on our Street Snow Removal service for 2019-2020 season and helped conduct the meeting. Vice President Charity Dean spoke briefly about Grandmont issues. New neighbors were welcomed and hopefully came away with a good impression of the Community. Many long-time active neighbors were there to meet and greet new residents and encourage involvement on a committee of interest, Radio Patrol, or in just being the good neighbors we've come to expect in Grandmont.


Handouts from Advanced Disposal on Garbage-Bulk-Recycling, an overview of proposed amendments to the City Dog Ordinance (provided by Council President Brenda Jones office), and NEZ Property Tax reduction for residents buying their home after 1996, were available. And other Neighborhood Newsletters were on display to showcase our Grandmonitor as one of the best!

Yvonne Sanders, who now is head of our Street and Block Captain Network, and Ethel Smith who is the Grandmonitor Distribution Coordinator - and both of whom help with our Welcome Packet - didn't get a chance to speak, but are vital to our community growth and stability and should be acknowledged. Also, another Grandmont treasure, Krystal Thurmond, is our Social Coordinator and heads the "Sunshine Club" in Grandmont.