cora duncan-fosterI am requesting your vote! I am a 36-year Grandmont Community Association resident. Presently in Grandmont, I am a Longacre Block Captain (approx. 20 years), newly elected Rippling Hope National Board Member, GCA Rippling Hope Chair (10 years), Assistant Director of Grandmont Art and Crafts Fair (6 years), Scholarship Committee Chair (12 years), and Grandmont Patrol #4 Treasurer (3 years). Additionally, I have been Grandmont Board of Directors three-term President and Vice President. Also, I have volunteered for many events in our community, e.g.:  Youth Expo, Appreciation Day, Ramsay Park Cleanup, Motor City Makeover, Detroit Partnership Day, GCA Art Fair.

I am dedicated to the Grandmont Community Association and the Detroit Community as well. I’ve attended and given input at many meetings such as the GCA Community Board of Directors, Detroit Council member James Tate’s District One, Grandmont Patrol #4, Rippling Hope Leaders, and more. I have worked with the governmental agencies to voice our many concerns such as: security, vacant homes, the lowering of our property tax.

Professionally, I was a Breithaupt Career & Technical Center Special Education Teacher Consultant, BCTC Publicity Chair, BCTC SkillsUSA Student Organization Chair, and SkillsUSA State of Michigan Advisor Board Secretary. Furthermore, I was a SkillsUSA State of Michigan Advisor Board two-term President and SkillsUSA National Winner for District 5 which represents five states.

Additionally, I have developed creative solutions to challenging problems, can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines, excel in effective human relations, and am very orderly and systematic. As in past years, I will continue to serve this community in the future.