Congratulations to our elected candidates who will serve until 2022:

charity dean

Charity Dean

Charity and her family have been residents of Grandmont for nearly 4 years. Charity has served as Grandmont Community Associations Secretary, Vice President and now as its President. Charity has a passion for serving Detroit and Grandmont. She leads the Grandmont Community Association with compassion and strength. She loves being around her Grandmont neighbors and looks forward to continuing her service to the Grandmont Community Association and our neighbors. Charity is seeking re-election to the Grandmont Community Association Board.

cora duncan foster

Cora Duncan-Foster

I am a 36-year Grandmont Community Association resident. Presently in Grandmont, I am a Longacre Block Captain (approx. 20 years), newly elected Rippling Hope National Board Member, GCA Rippling Hope Chair (10 years), Assistant Director of Grandmont Art and Crafts Fair (6 years), Scholarship Committee Chair (12 years), and Grandmont Patrol #4 Treasurer (3 years). Additionally, I have been Grandmont Board of Directors three-term President and Vice President. Also, I have volunteered for many events in our community, e.g.:  Youth Expo, Appreciation Day, Ramsay Park Cleanup, Motor City Makeover, Detroit Partnership Day, GCA Art Fair.

I am dedicated to the Grandmont Community Association and the Detroit Community as well. I’ve attended and given input at many meetings such as the GCA Community Board of Directors, Detroit Council member James Tate’s District One, Grandmont Patrol #4, Rippling Hope Leaders, and more. I have worked with the governmental agencies to voice our many concerns such as: security, vacant homes, the lowering of our property tax.

robert patterson

Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson is a long-time resident of the Grandmont Community. He currently serves as the Grandmont Community Association Treasurer and has so for many years. Robert is a dedicated resident of the community and is always willing to volunteer his time when necessary around the community. He is passionate about our community’s safety, cleanliness, and everything in between. Robert is seeking re-election to the Grandmont Community Association Board.

edward smith1

Edward Smith

Edward Smith is a long-time Grandmont Community Association resident. Ed currently serves on the GCA board. Ed has served on the GCA board for many years as Ramsay Park’s Committee Chair, he’s volunteered on the Beautification/Garden Club Committee, Youth & Education Committee and more. More importantly, Ed takes pride for being the “gate keeper’ of Ramsay Park. He ensures the park is safe and clean for all residents and their family to enjoy. Edward Smith loves his Grandmont Community and is seeking re-election to the Grandmont Community Association Board.

ethel smith

Ethel Smith

Ethel Smith is a dedicated Grandmont Community Association member who has lived in this community for 5 years. Ethel’s commitment to her neighborhood is unwavering. She has served as the Block and Street Captain for over 3 years, she’s also made sure every resident in Grandmont received their Grandmonitor and helped to collect membership dues! Ethel has been a Board member and made herself available whenever there is a call. She's been part of the Art Fair Committee, Radio Patrol, the social Planning Committee, the Annual Business Meeting Committee, Scholarship Committee and more. Her love for Grandmont and her neighbors is boundless.