I submitted 24 completed Grandmont Community Association Rippling Hope Applications for the free home repair.

All residents receiving free home repair must do sweat equity. This means volunteering to assist the Rippling Hope Staff. Some sweat equity opportunities are: help with dinner, bring in a dinner for a volunteer group one night during summer, setup / cleanup for Rippling Hope Special Event, assist with the year-end financial campaign mailing, or give a donation.

Free paint is available every 2nd Wednesday, 3-5pm & 2nd Saturday 10am-noon at the Rippling Hope Center for Mission and Service, 12801 Joy Road (corner of Joy & Appoline). The paint is free to all residents not only Rippling Hope recipients.

Click here to view Rippling Hope Newsletter 1st Quarter 2019.


Cora A. Duncan-Foster, Scholarship & Rippling Hope Chair